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  • Issus (Present-Day Hatay, Turkey)
    Sunday Nov 5, 333

    Ancient Greece

    Battle of Issus

    Issus (Present-Day Hatay, Turkey)
    Sunday Nov 5, 333

    The battle of Issus took place in November 333 BC. After Alexander's forces successfully defeated the Persians at the Battle of the Granicus, Darius took personal charge of his army, gathered a large army from the depths of the empire, and maneuvered to cut the Greek line of supply, requiring Alexander to countermarch his forces, setting the stage for the battle near the mouth of the Pinarus River and south of the village of Issus. Darius was apparently unaware that, by deciding to stage the battle on a riverbank, he was minimizing the numerical advantage his army had over Alexander's. As a result, Alexander controlled southern Asia Minor.