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Amazon - Amazon announces the Kindle Fire

Time: Wednesday Sep 28, 2011

Place: Seattle, Washington, U.S.

Details: Amazon announces the Kindle Fire, a tablet computer that takes aim at Apple's iPad with a smaller device that sells at $199, compared with the $499 value of Apple's cheapest iPad.



Logo of Amazon
Amazon-The first profit announced
Dec, 2003 - Seattle, Washington, U.S.
Logo of Amazon
Amazon-Amazon launched the Fire Phone
Friday Jul 25, 2014 - Seattle, Washington, U.S.
Logo of Amazon
Amazon-Jeff Bezos founded Amazon
Tuesday Jul 5, 1994 - Seattle, Washington, U.S.
Logo of Amazon
Amazon-Amazon's logotype
Monday Jun 19, 2000 - Seattle, Washington, U.S.
Logo of Amazon
Amazon-Amazon launches Amazon Music
Tuesday Sep 25, 2007 - Seattle, Washington, U.S.

On This Day - 28 September

A mural showing women dressed in traditional Hanfu silk robes, from the Dahuting Tomb of the late Eastern Han dynasty (25–220 AD)
Imperial China (Qin and Han dynasties)-Dong Zhuo deposed Liu Bian as emperor and appointed his brother Emperor Xian of Han
Monday Sep 28, 189 - Han, China
Battle during the Second Crusade
Crusades-Henry VI died
Sunday Sep 28, 1197 - Messina, Holy Roman Empire
Igor Stravinsky
Igor Stravinsky-Reinhart Sponsored and Largely Underwrote The First Performance of L'Histoire du soldat
Saturday Sep 28, 1918 - Lausanne, Switzerland
Photograph taken showing the body of Will Brown after being burned by a white lynch mob - Red Summer
Red Summer-Omaha race riot
Sunday Sep 28, 1919 - Omaha, Nebraska, U.S.
World War II
World War II-Tripartite Pact
Saturday Sep 28, 1940 - Berlin, Germany

September 2011

Garry Kasparov Image
Garry Kasparov-Played two blitz exhibition matches in the autumn of 2011
Sep, 2011 - France
Financial crisis of 2007–2008
Financial crisis of 2007–2008-No individuals in the UK have been prosecuted for misdeeds during the financial meltdown of 2008
Sep, 2011 - United Kingdom
Facebook Image
Facebook, Inc.-The Format of Individual User Pages Was Revamped
Sep, 2011 - Menlo Park, California, U.S.
Google LLC
Google LLC-Google Disclosed That it "Continuously Uses Enough Electricity to Power 200,000 Homes"
Sep, 2011 - Mountain View, California, U.S.
Mohamed Salah
Mohamed Salah-International debut
Saturday Sep 3, 2011 - Egypt


Map of conflict zones in Myanmar (Burma) - image
Conflict in Myanmar-Operation Perseverance
2011 - Shan state, Myanmar
Halimah Yacob
Halimah Yacob-Miniser of Community Development, Youth and Sports
2011 - Singapore
Financial crisis of 2007–2008
Financial crisis of 2007–2008-Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission report
Jan, 2011 - U.S.
Tony Hawk
Tony Hawk-I'm 43 and I Did a 900 Today
2011 - U.S.
HTC Image
HTC-2011 milestone and market share
2011 - Taoyuan City, Taiwan