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Simón Bolívar - Caracas was retaken

Time: Friday Aug 6, 1813

Place: Caracas, Venezuela

Details: Caracas was retaken on 6 August 1813, and Bolívar was ratified as El Libertador, establishing the Second Republic of Venezuela. The following year, because of the rebellion of José Tomás Boves and the fall of the republic, Bolívar returned to New Granada, where he commanded a force for the United Provinces.



Juana Olivera Birth
Juana Olivera Birth
Saturday Apr 12, 1760 - Caracas
Simon Bolivar
Simón Bolívar-Don Simón Rodríguez was forced to leave the country
1797 - Caracas, Venezuela
Simon Bolivar
Simón Bolívar-Bolívar triumphantly entered Caracas
Friday Jun 29, 1821 - Caracas, Venezuela
Simon Bolivar
Simón Bolívar-Birth
Thursday Jul 24, 1783 - Caracas, Venezuela
A Colombian marine on a field training exercise
Colombian conflict-Hugo Chávez stated his disapproval with The FARC Strategy
Sunday Jan 13, 2008 - Caracas, Venezuela

On This Day - 6 August

Banner of the Holy Roman Empire
Holy Roman Empire-The empire was dissolved
Wednesday Aug 6, 1806 - Holy Roman Empire
Simon Bolivar
Simón Bolívar-Republic of Bolivia
Saturday Aug 6, 1825 - Bolivia
Abraham Lincoln
Abraham Lincoln-Lincoln signed the Confiscation Act
Tuesday Aug 6, 1861 - U.S.
World War 1-Battle of Doberdo
World War 1-Battle of Doberdo
Sunday Aug 6, 1916 - Gorizia, Gorizia, Italy
Pope John Paul II Image
Pope John Paul II-Black Sunday
Sunday Aug 6, 1944 - Karkow, Poland

August 1813

Napoleon Bonaparte
Napoleon-Battle of Dresden
Thursday Aug 26, 1813 - Dresden, Kingdom of Saxony (Present Day Germany)


Beethoven Image
Beethoven-Compositional Drop
1813 - Vienna, Austria
German Empire
Unification of Germany-German campaign of 1813
1813 - Germany
Simon Bolivar
Simón Bolívar-Bolívar was given a military command in Tunja
1813 - Tunja, New Granada (modern-day Colombia)
Simon Bolivar
Simón Bolívar-Bolívar entered Mérida
Monday May 24, 1813 - Mérida, Venezuela
Beethoven Image
Beethoven-Back to Work
Jun, 1813 - Vienna, Austria