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Howard Hughes: The Aviator - Entertainment Movies

Time: 20th Century

Place: U.S.

Details: His first film, Swell Hogan, directed by Ralph Graves, was a disaster. His next two films, Everybody's Acting (1926) and Two Arabian Knights (1927), were financial successes, the latter winning the first Academy Award for Best Director of a comedy picture. The Racket (1928) and The Front Page (1931) were also nominated for Academy Awards. Hughes spent $3.5 million to make the flying film Hell's Angels (1930). Hell's Angels received one Academy Award nomination for Best Cinematography. He produced another hit, Scarface (1932), a production delayed by censors' concern over its violence. The Outlaw premiered in 1943, but was not released nationally until 1946. The film featured Jane Russell, who received considerable attention from industry censors, this time owing to Russell's revealing costumes.



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