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Babylon - March on Nineveh

Time: 612 BC

Place: Nineveh (Present-Day Mosul, Nineveh, Iraq)

Details: In April or May 612 BC, at the start of Nabopolassar's fourteenth year as king of Babylon, the combined Medo-Babylonian army marched on Nineveh. From June to August of that year, they besieged the Assyrian capital and in August the walls were breached, leading to another lengthy and brutal sack during which Sinsharishkun is assumed to have died.



The official opening of the League of Nations.
League of Nations-Mosul issue
1926 - Mosul, Iraq
Mesopotamian lions and flowers decorated the processional street - Ishtar Gate - Babylon
Babylon-Ashurbanipal did collect texts from Babylon for inclusion in his extensive library at Ninevah
640s BC - Nineveh (Present-Day Mosul, Nineveh, Iraq)
Libraries-Library of Ashurbanipal
8th Century BC - Present Day Iraq
Assyrian Empire
Assyria-Ancient Cities
27th Century BC - Mesopotamia (Present-Day Iraq)
Byzantine Empire
Byzantine Empire-Sassanid force was destroyed
627 - Nineveh, Sassanid Empire


Aramean funeral stele Louvre
Arameans-Arameans under Neo-Babylonian rule
612 BC - Syria and Iraq
Scythian comb
Scythian-The Battle of Nineveh
612 BC - Mosul, Iraq
Assyrian Empire
Assyria-Battle of Nineveh
612 BC - Nineveh, Assyria