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Marvel Studios - Marvel announced the Merrill Lynch financing deal with Paramount was on as marketer and distributor

Time: Tuesday Sep 6, 2005

Place: U.S.

Details: On September 6, 2005, Marvel announced the Merrill Lynch financing deal with Paramount was on as marketer and distributor. Also, the parent company changed its name from Marvel Enterprises, Inc. to Marvel Entertainment, Inc. to reflect the change to self-production.



Marvel Studios
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On This Day - 6 September

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September 2005

The headquarters of the World Trade Organization
World Trade Organization-Pascal Lamy
Thursday Sep 1, 2005 - Geneva, Switzerland
The Headquarters of the UNCTAD are located at the Palais des Nations in Geneva
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Facebook, Inc.-Launching A High-School Version of The Site
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United Nations
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Wednesday Sep 14, 2005 - New York City, New York, U.S.
Angela Merkel Image
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Sunday Sep 18, 2005 - Germany


Wordmark of Sony - image
Sony Corporation-Introducing The BRAVIA Name
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Huawei logo - image
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BMW logo
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2005 - Egypt
Christine Lagarde
Christine Lagarde-France's Trade Minister
2005 - France
Carlos the Jackal Image
Carlos the Jackal-European Court
2005 - Paris, France