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Joseph Stalin - May day 1901

Time: Wednesday May 1, 1901

Place: Tiflis, Tiflis Governorate, Caucasus Viceroyalty, Russian Empire (Now Georgia)

Details: Remaining underground, he helped plan a demonstration for May Day 1901, in which 3,000 marchers clashed with the authorities.



Ciro Immobile Image
Ciro Immobile-Sevilla debut
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Dissolution of the Soviet Union-Calling for Georgia to secede from the Soviet Union
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Stalin's Image
Joseph Stalin-Meteorologist
Sunday Oct 1, 1899 - Tiflis, Tiflis Governorate, Caucasus Viceroyalty, Russian Empire (Now Georgia)
Stalin's Image
Joseph Stalin-Tiflis Committee of the Russian Social Democratic Labour Party (RSDLP)
Nov, 1901 - Tiflis, Tiflis Governorate, Caucasus Viceroyalty, Russian Empire (Now Georgia)

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