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Kim Jong-un - Met Dennis Rodman

Time: Tuesday Feb 26, 2013

Place: North Korea

Details: On 26 February 2013, Kim Jong‑un met Dennis Rodman, which led many reporters to speculate that Rodman was the first American that Kim had met. Rodman described his trip to Kim Jong-un's private island: "It's like Hawaii or Ibiza, but he's the only one that lives there."



3D medical animation corona virus Image
Covid-19 Pandemic: 2020 Coronavirus outbreak-North Korea closed its borders
Wednesday Jan 22, 2020 - North Korea
Donald Trump
Donald Trump-North Korea's nuclear weapons became increasingly seen
2017 - North Korea
Korean War Image
Korean War-The Battle of Chosin Reservoir
Monday Nov 27, 1950 - Chosin Reservoir, in present day Changjin County, South Hamgyong Province, North Korea

On This Day - 26 February

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February 2013

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2013 - Xindian, New Taipei, Taiwan
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Zinedine Zidane-Assistant Coach
2013 - Madrid, Spain
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HTC-Performance drop
2013 - Xindian, New Taipei, Taiwan
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Kobe Bryant-The fifth-highest paid sports star
2013 - New York, New York, U.S.