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Nancy Pelosi - Pelosi defeated Ryan by a vote of 134–63

Time: Wednesday Nov 30, 2016

Place: U.S.

Details: Tim Ryan initiated a bid to replace Pelosi as House minority leader on November 17, 2016, prompted by colleagues following the 2016 presidential election. After Pelosi agreed to give more leadership opportunities to junior members, she defeated Ryan by a vote of 134–63 on November 30.



Donald Trump
Donald Trump-House of Representatives impeached Trump with both articles
Wednesday Dec 18, 2019 - Washington D.C., U.S.
Donald Trump
Donald Trump-Abuse of power and obstruction of Congress
Friday Dec 13, 2019 - Washington D.C., U.S.
Nancy Pelosi
Nancy Pelosi-Pelosi was re-elected speaker
2009 - U.S.
Donald Trump
Donald Trump-Fewer than 20 representatives in the House supported impeachment
Jan, 2019 - U.S.
Nancy Pelosi
Nancy Pelosi-Democrats took control of the House
Wednesday Nov 8, 2006 - Washington D.C., U.S.

On This Day - 30 November

Mamluk lancers
Mamluks-An-Nasir ad-Din Muhammad was a Mamluk sultan of Egypt in 1421
Friday Nov 30, 1421 - Cairo, Egypt
Galileo Galilei
Galileo Galilei-Galileo aimed his telescope at the Moon
Monday Nov 30, 1609 - Italy
FIFA logo
FIFA World Cup-The First official international football match
Wednesday Nov 30, 1870 - Hamilton Crescent, Partick, Scotland
Winston Churchill
Winston Churchill-Birth
Monday Nov 30, 1874 - Oxford, England, United Kingdom
Nanjing Road during Xinhai Revolution
Xinhai Revolution-The Revolutionaries Convened Their First Conference
Thursday Nov 30, 1911 - Wuhan, Hubei, China

30 November 2016

A Colombian marine on a field training exercise
Colombian conflict-The House of Representatives unanimously approved the peace deal
Wednesday Nov 30, 2016 - Bogota, Colombia

November 2016

HTC Image
HTC-Vive sales
Nov, 2016 - Xindian, New Taipei, Taiwan
BMW logo
BMW-BMW recalled 136,000 2007–2012 model year U.S. cars for fuel pump wiring problems possibly resulting in fuel leak and engine stalling or restarting issues
Nov, 2016 - Munich, Germany
Lula da Silva Image
Lula da Silva-Additional evidence of abuses by the Brazilian justice system
Nov, 2016 - Brazil
Logo of the American car manufacturer and technology company Tesla, Inc. - image
Tesla, Inc.-The Model S largest overseas market
Nov, 2016 - Norway
The logo of Adidas with the three stripes - image
Adidas-Adidas Teased a Sneaker Made From Ocean Plastic
Nov, 2016 - Herzogenaurach, Germany


Amancio Ortega Portrait
Amancio Ortega-60% of Inditex
2016 - A Coruña, Galicia, Spain
Doss Desmond US Army Image
Desmond Doss: Hacksaw Ridge-Hacksaw Ridge
2016 - U.S.
Oculus Rift
Virtual reality-HTC Vive
2016 - Taoyuan City, Taiwan
Logo of the American car manufacturer and technology company Tesla, Inc. - image
Tesla, Inc.-The world's top selling plug-in car
2016 - U.S.
Prince William and Duchess Kate of Cambridge visits Sweden 02 Image
Prince William-Royal ranks
Friday Jan 1, 2016 - London, United Kingdom