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Kingdom of Pergamon - Philetaerus enjoyed considerable autonomy

Time: 270s BC

Place: Pergamon (Present-Day Bergama, Turkey)

Details: Philetaerus, especially after the death of Seleucus, enjoyed considerable autonomy despite being nominally under the Seleucids. He acquired considerable wealth because Pergamon had been the treasure-hold of Lysimachus and extended his power and influence beyond Pergamon. He contributed troops, money, and food to the city of Cyzicus, in Mysia, for its defense against the invading Gauls, thus gaining prestige and goodwill for him and his family.



Kingdom of Pergamon
Kingdom of Pergamon-Romans gave these possessions to Pergamon
188 BC - Pergamon
Libraries-Library of Pergamum
3rd Century BC - Roman Empire (Present Day Pergamum, Turkey)
Kingdom of Pergamon
Kingdom of Pergamon-Last Attalid king died
133 BC - Pergamon (Present-Day Bergama, Turkey)
Kingdom of Pergamon
Kingdom of Pergamon-Eumenes III claimed the throne
132 BC - Pergamon (Present-Day Bergama, Turkey)
Library of Alexandria
Library of Alexandria-Apollodorus of Athens
100s BC - Pergamum, Turkey