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George W. Bush - President of U.S.

Time: Saturday Jan 20, 2001

Place: Washington D.C, U.S.

Details: George W. Bush was elected President of the United States in 2000 and his first inauguration occurred on January 20, 2001.



J.F.Kennedy Image
John F. Kennedy-A President
Friday Jan 20, 1961 - Washington D.C., U.S.
Warren Buffett
Warren Buffett-Presidential Medal of Freedom
2011 - The White House, Washington D.C., U.S.
Photograph taken showing the body of Will Brown after being burned by a white lynch mob - Red Summer
Red Summer-A letter from the National Equal Rights League
Tuesday Nov 25, 1919 - U.S.
Abraham Lincoln
Abraham Lincoln-Lincoln rejected Fremont's two emancipation attempts
May, 1862 - U.S.
Richard Nixon
Richard Nixon-The United States won The Race to Land Astronauts on The Moon
Sunday Jul 20, 1969 - Washington D.C., U.S.

On This Day - 20 January

Westminster Palace
The palace of Westminster England-Simon de Montfort's parliament
Tuesday Jan 20, 1265 - Westminster Hall, London, England, United Kingdom
Abraham Lincoln
Abraham Lincoln-Sister died
Sunday Jan 20, 1828 - Lincoln State Park, Indiana, US
Simon Bolivar
Simón Bolívar-Dream fell apart
Wednesday Jan 20, 1830 - Gran Colombia
Nanjing Road during Xinhai Revolution
Xinhai Revolution-Wu Tingfang Officially Delivered The Imperial Edict of Abdication To Yuan Shikai For The Abdication of Puy
Saturday Jan 20, 1912 - China
Mao Zedong 1963 - image
Mao Zedong-The First KMT Congress
Sunday Jan 20, 1924 - Guangzhou, Guangdong, China

January 2001

George Weah in Milan AC 1996 - image
George Weah-Moving To Marseille
Monday Jan 1, 2001 - Marseille, France
Hugo Chávez
Hugo Chávez-The First Organized Protest against The Bolivarian Government
Jan, 2001 - Caracas, Venzuela
Ruby Bridges
Ruby Bridges-Bridges was awarded the Presidential Citizens Medal
Monday Jan 8, 2001 - U.S.
Princess Margaret, Countess of Snowdon
Princess Margaret, Countess of Snowdon-Margaret was hospitalized
Wednesday Jan 10, 2001 - England, United Kingdom
Ronaldinho-To Europe
Saturday Jan 13, 2001 - Paris, France


BMW logo
BMW-BMW Group committed itself to the United Nations Environment Programme
2001 - Munich, Germany
Carlos the Jackal Image
Carlos the Jackal-Convert to Islam
2001 - Paris, France
George Weah in Milan AC 1996 - image
George Weah-Moving To Marseille
Monday Jan 1, 2001 - Marseille, France
Amancio Ortega Portrait
Amancio Ortega-Another Marriage
2001 - Spain
Magdi Yacoub
Magdi Yacoub-Retirement
2001 - London, England