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Iran–Iraq War - The second "war of the cities"

Time: Thursday Mar 21, 1985

Place: Tehran - Tabriz - Shiraz - Isfahan, Iran

Details: Saddam responded by launching chemical attacks against the Iranian positions along the highway and by initiating the second "war of the cities", with an air and missile campaign against twenty to thirty Iranian population centers, including Tehran.



Iranian Revolution Image
Iranian Revolution-Khomeini Returned To Tehran
Wednesday Jan 31, 1979 - Tehran, Iran
Jimmy Carter
Jimmy Carter-Fifty-two American hostage
Tuesday Jan 20, 1981 - Tehran, Iran
Iran-Iraq War Image
Iran–Iraq War-Iran accepted Resolution 598
Tuesday Jul 19, 1988 - Tehran, Iran
Iranian Revolution Image
Iranian Revolution-The Day Tehran Burned
Saturday Nov 4, 1978 - Tehran, Iran
Iranian Revolution Image
Iranian Revolution-The Rebellion of pro-Khomeini air force Technicians
Thursday Feb 8, 1979 - Tehran, Iran

On This Day - 21 March

Napoleon Bonaparte
Napoleon-Battle of Tarvis
Tuesday Mar 21, 1797 - Tarvisio, Italy
German revolutions of 1848–1849-The King proceeded through the streets of Berlin to attend a mass funeral at the Friedrichshain cemetery for the civilian victims of the uprising
Tuesday Mar 21, 1848 - Central Europe (Present-Day Friedrichshain cemetery, Berlin, Germany)
Abraham Lincoln
Abraham Lincoln-The Republican Party was founded
Tuesday Mar 21, 1854 - U.S.
World War 1-Ludendorff Offensive
World War 1-Ludendorff Offensive
Thursday Mar 21, 1918 - Saint Quentin, France
Hungarian–Romanian War (Romanian Cavalry in Budapest during the Hungarian-Romanian War of 1919) Image
Hungarian–Romanian War-The Successful Communist Coup d'état
Friday Mar 21, 1919 - Hungary (then Kingdom of Hungary)

March 1985

Mikhail Gorbachev Image
Mikhail Gorbachev-Chernenko died
Sunday Mar 10, 1985 at 12:00:00 AM - Russia
Iran-Iraq War Image
Iran–Iraq War-Operation Badr
Monday Mar 11, 1985 - Al Qurnah, Iraq
Mikhail Gorbachev Image
Mikhail Gorbachev-General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union
Monday Mar 11, 1985 - Moscow, Russia
Kremlin, Russia Image
Dissolution of the Soviet Union-General Secretary
Monday Mar 11, 1985 - Moscow, Russia
Iran-Iraq War Image
Iran–Iraq War-Breaking Through North of Qurna
Thursday Mar 14, 1985 - Al Qurnah, Iraq


Recep Tayyip Erdoğan
Recep Tayyip Erdoğan-The Chair of The Istanbul city branch of The Islamist Welfare Party
1985 - Istanbul, Turkey
Garry Kasparov Image
Garry Kasparov-Kasparov played against thirty-two different chess computers
1985 - Hamburg, Germany
1997 Asian financial crisis
1997 Asian financial crisis-Economic growth in Thailand
1985 - Thailand
Visa Inc. logo
Visa Inc.-Headquarters in San Francisco
1985 - San Francisco, California, U.S.
A Colombian marine on a field training exercise
Colombian conflict-The first Negotiated Cease-Fire with the M-19 ended
1985 - Colombia