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Napoleon - Westphalia

Time: Dec, 1807

Place: (Present Day in Germany)

Details: Napoleon dictated very harsh peace terms for Prussia, despite the ceaseless exhortations of Queen Louise. Wiping out half of Prussian territories from the map, Napoleon created a new kingdom of 2,800 square kilometres (1,100 sq mi) called Westphalia and appointed his young brother Jérôme as its monarch. Prussia's humiliating treatment at Tilsit caused a deep and bitter antagonism which festered as the Napoleonic era progressed.



Charlotte Amalie Birth
Charlotte Amalie Birth
Wednesday Apr 27, 1650 - Kassel
Adolf Hitler
Adolf Hitler-Prepare for Fall Weiss
Sunday Apr 3, 1938 - Germany
Flag of Weimar Republic
Weimar Republic-German constitution modified
Oct, 1918 - Germany
Flag of Weimar Republic
Weimar Republic-King Ludwig III of Bavaria escaped
Thursday Nov 7, 1918 - Germany
Anna May Wong
Anna May Wong-Schmutziges Geld
Aug, 1928 - Germany and United Kingdom


Beethoven Image
Beethoven-Attracting recognition
1807 - Vienna, Austria
Fulton Image
Robert Fulton-Clermont
1807 - U.S.
Napoleon Bonaparte
Napoleon-Collapsed alliance
1807 - Persian Empire (Present Day Iran)
Napoleon Bonaparte
Napoleon-Battle of Eylau
Saturday Feb 7, 1807 - Preussisch Eylau, East Prussia (Present Day Bagrationovsk, Russia)
Simon Bolivar
Simón Bolívar-Bolívar returned to Venezuela
1807 - Venezuela