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  • Brazil
    Saturday Mar 1, 1930

    Brazilian Revolution of 1930

    The Elections were Held

    Saturday Mar 1, 1930

    The elections were held on March 1, 1930 and gave victory to Júlio Prestes, who received 1,091,709 votes against 742,794 given to Getúlio Vargas. Notoriously, Vargas had almost 100% of the votes in Rio Grande do Sul.

  • India
    Saturday Mar 1, 1930

    Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

    Gandhi's Letter to the viceroy of India

    Saturday Mar 1, 1930

    Gandhi sent an ultimatum in the form of a polite letter to the viceroy of India, Lord Irwin, on 2 March. A young left wing British Quaker by the name of Reg Reynolds delivered the letter. Gandhi condemned British rule in the letter, describing it as "a curse" that "has impoverished the dumb millions by a system of progressive exploitation and by a ruinously expensive military and civil administration... It has reduced us politically to serfdom." Gandhi also mentioned in the letter that the viceroy received a salary "over five thousand times India's average income. British violence, Gandhi promised, was going to be defeated by Indian non-violence.