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  • U.S.
    Monday Oct 15, 1990

    Apple Inc.

    Macintosh Classic

    Monday Oct 15, 1990

    The Macintosh Classic is a personal computer designed, manufactured and sold by Apple Computer, Inc. from October 1990 to September 1992. It was the first Macintosh to sell for less than US$1,000.

  • Westerville, Ohio, U.S.
    Tuesday Oct 15, 2019

    Andrew Yang

    Fourth Debate

    Westerville, Ohio, U.S.
    Tuesday Oct 15, 2019

    The fourth debate was held on October 15 in Westerville, Ohio. During the debate, Yang discussed topics including impeachment, automation, the economy, taxation, foreign policy, the opioid crisis, big tech, and personal data as a property right, speaking for 8 minutes and 32 seconds, the fourth-least time of any candidate. He proposed decriminalizing opioids, a stance candidate Beto O'Rourke agreed with. Candidates Julian Castro and Tulsi Gabbard said Yang's Freedom Dividend policy "was a good idea, and something they would consider if elected president", while candidate Cory Booker argued that a $15 minimum wage was superior to UBI. Yang also spoke about the potential impeachment inquiry against Donald Trump, saying he supports impeachment, but that "we should not have illusions that impeaching Donald Trump will, one, be successful or, two, erase the problems that got him elected in 2016.