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  • Venezuela
    Sunday Apr 25, 1999

    Hugo Chávez

    Chávez called a public referendum

    Sunday Apr 25, 1999

    Chávez called a public referendum, which he hoped would support his plans to form a constituent assembly of representatives from across Venezuela and from indigenous tribal groups to rewrite the Venezuelan constitution. Chávez said he had to run again; "Venezuela's socialist revolution was like an unfinished painting and he was the artist", he said, while someone else "could have another vision, start to alter the contours of the painting". The momentum of the support he received in previous elections, made the referendum on 25 April 1999 a success for Chávez; 88% of the voters supported his proposal.

  • Providence, Rhode Island, U.S.
    Sunday Apr 25, 1999

    Dwayne Johnson

    Backlash: In Your House

    Providence, Rhode Island, U.S.
    Sunday Apr 25, 1999

    The Rock's popularity continued to grow and audiences still cheered for him even though he was a heel. He then lost the title rematch against Stone Cold Steve Austin at Backlash: In Your House after he was betrayed by Shane McMahon, turning him face again and starting a feud with Triple H, The Undertaker and The Corporate Ministry.