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  • Canada
    Sunday Apr 29, 2007

    Justin Trudeau

    Easily won the party's nomination

    Sunday Apr 29, 2007

    Trudeau faced off against Mary Deros, a Montreal city councilor and Basilio Giordano, the publisher of a local Italian-language newspaper for the Liberal nomination. On April 29, 2007, he easily won the party's nomination, picking up 690 votes to 350 for Deros and 220 for Giordano.

  • Munich, Germany
    Sunday Apr 29, 2007

    Michael Ballack

    Ballack had Undergone Ankle Surgery in Munich

    Munich, Germany
    Sunday Apr 29, 2007

    On 29 April 2007, Chelsea released a statement on their official website, informing fans that Ballack had undergone ankle surgery in Munich. As a result, Ballack did not play in the FA Cup final against Manchester United, which Chelsea won 1–0 through Didier Drogba's extra time goal.