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  • U.S.
    Thursday Feb 2, 1989

    Steven Spielberg

    1st Divorce

    Thursday Feb 2, 1989

    After three and a half years of marriage, however, many of the same competing stresses of their careers caused them to divorce in 1989. They agreed to maintain homes near each other as to facilitate the shared custody and parenting of their son. Their divorce was recorded as the third most costly celebrity divorce in history.

  • Hachioji, Tokyo, Japan
    Friday Feb 24, 1989


    The Emperor Funeral

    Hachioji, Tokyo, Japan
    Friday Feb 24, 1989

    On February 24, Emperor Hirohito's state funeral was held, and unlike that of his predecessor, it was formal but not conducted in a strictly Shinto manner. A large number of world leaders attended the funeral. Emperor Hirohito is buried in the Musashi Imperial Graveyard in Hachiōji, alongside Emperor Taishō, his father.