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  • Barcelona, Spain
    Friday Oct 5, 1934

    Spanish Civil War

    Azaña was in Barcelona

    Barcelona, Spain
    Friday Oct 5, 1934

    On 5 October 1934, in response to an invitation to CEDA to form part of the government, the Acción Republicana and the Socialists (PSOE) and Communists attempted a general left-wing rebellion. The rebellion had a temporary success in Asturias and Barcelona, but was over in two weeks. Azaña was in Barcelona that day, and the Lerroux-CEDA government tried to implicate him. He was arrested and charged with complicity. The October 1934 rebellion is regarded by historians as the beginning of the decline of the Spanish Republic and of constitutional government and constitutional consensus, as the Socialists and left Republicans had been integral to the new system and had governed for two years, yet the Socialists were now attempting a revolt against the democratic system and the left Republicans provided a sort of passive support for them.

  • Marseille, France
    Tuesday Oct 9, 1934

    Josip Broz Tito

    The assassination of King Alexander

    Marseille, France
    Tuesday Oct 9, 1934

    During this time Tito wrote articles on the duties of imprisoned communists and on trade unions. He was in Ljubljana when King Alexander was assassinated by the Croatian nationalist Ustaše organisation in Marseille on 9 October 1934.

  • Jiangxi, China
    Tuesday Oct 16, 1934

    Mao Zedong

    The Long March

    Jiangxi, China
    Tuesday Oct 16, 1934

    On October 14, 1934, the Red Army broke through the KMT line on the Jiangxi Soviet's south-west corner at Xinfeng with 85,000 soldiers and 15,000 party cadres and on 16 October, embarked on the "Long March". In order to make the escape, many of the wounded and the ill, as well as women and children, were left behind, defended by a group of guerrilla fighters whom the KMT massacred.