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  • Iraq
    Saturday Sep 3, 1988

    Iran–Iraq War

    Clearing The Kurdish Resistance

    Saturday Sep 3, 1988

    Iraq spent the rest of August and early September clearing the Kurdish resistance. Using 60,000 troops along with helicopter gunships, chemical weapons (poison gas), and mass executions, Iraq hit 15 villages, killing rebels and civilians, and forced tens of thousands of Kurds to relocate to settlements. Many Kurdish civilians fled to Iran. By 3 September 1988, the anti-Kurd campaign ended, and all resistance had been crushed.

  • Tokyo, Japan
    Monday Sep 19, 1988


    The Emperor Suffered From Continuous Internal Bleeding

    Tokyo, Japan
    Monday Sep 19, 1988

    The Emperor appeared to be making a full recovery for several months after the surgery. About a year later, however, on September 19, 1988, he collapsed in his palace, and his health worsened over the next several months as he suffered from continuous internal bleeding.