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Andrew Yang

Second Debate

Wednesday Jul 31, 2019
Detroit, Michigan, U.S.

During the second debate in Detroit on July 31, Yang answered questions on topics including civil rights, healthcare, immigration, party strategy, climate, and the economy. He spoke for a total of 8.7 minutes, which was again the least of any candidate on either night. He was the only second-night candidate who did not spend any time in "back-and-forths" with other candidates. Yang drew attention for his decision to not wear a necktie in either debate. In his closing statement, Yang called out the media and the debate formats a September interview with Politico, Yang further clarified his stance on candidates attacking each other at the debates. According to Yang, there "is this sense of manufactured outrage and rehearsed attack lines", and as "a proxy for the American public", he finds "the process to be very false and somewhat misdirected" "It's not left, it's not right, it's forward" has been compared to a similar slogan used by the Green Party of Canada. On August 8, Yang received 2% support in the fourth qualifying poll, thus meeting both qualification criteria for the third debate