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Donald Trump - $916 million loss

Time: Oct, 2016

Place: New York, U.S.

Details: In October 2016, portions of Trump's state filings for 1995 were leaked to a reporter from The New York Times. They show that Trump declared a loss of $916 million that year, which could have let him avoid taxes for up to 18 years. During the second presidential debate, Trump acknowledged using the deduction, but declined to provide details such as the specific years it was applied.



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October 2016

Logo of the American car manufacturer and technology company Tesla, Inc. - image
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Amancio Ortega Portrait
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Doss Desmond US Army Image
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Oculus Rift
Virtual reality-HTC Vive
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Logo of the American car manufacturer and technology company Tesla, Inc. - image
Tesla, Inc.-The world's top selling plug-in car
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