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Beethoven - First Public Performance

Time: Mar, 1778

Place: Bonn, Germany

Details: Beethoven's first music teacher was his father. He later had other local teachers: the court organist Gilles van den Eeden (d. 1782), Tobias Friedrich Pfeiffer (a family friend, who provided keyboard tuition), and Franz Rovantini (a relative, who instructed him in playing the violin and viola). From the outset his tuition regime, which began in his fifth year, was harsh and intensive, often reducing him to tears; with the involvement of the insomniac Pfeiffer, there were irregular late-night sessions with the young Beethoven being dragged from his bed to the keyboard. His musical talent was obvious at a young age. Johann, aware of Leopold Mozart's successes in this area (with his son Wolfgang and daughter Nannerl), attempted to promote his son as a child prodigy, claiming that Beethoven was seven on the posters for his first public performance in March 1778.



Beethoven Image
Beethoven-Beethoven and Von Waldstein
1791 - Bonn, Germany
Beethoven Image
Beethoven-Christian Gottlob Neefe
1780s - Bonn, Germany
Beethoven Image
Beethoven-The Beethoven Monument
Aug, 1845 - Bonn, Germany
Beethoven Image
Beethoven-Origin and Birth
Dec, 1770 - Bonn, Germany
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