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Mozart - Mozart and Metastasio

Time: Saturday May 1, 1773

Place: Salzburg, Austria

Details: Mozart paired with the grand old man of the world of libretto, the 74-year-old poet Metastasio. This wasn't an opera, this wasn't an oratorio, it was a 'dramatic serenade' that was performed successfully on May 1 of that year at the enthronement. Sadly, while it was definitely of high quality and certainly significant at the period, it has not survived the test of time to claim a place in the general repertoire.



Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Mozart-Receiving the post of Konzertmeister
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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Mozart-A visit to Salzburg with his wife
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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Mozart-His father's deaths
Thursday May 28, 1778 - Salzburg, Austria
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Mozart-The Bassoon Concerto
Wednesday Apr 6, 1774 - Salzburg, Austria
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Mozart-Receiving the commission for Idomeneo
Nov, 1778 - Salzburg, Austria

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