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FIFA World Cup - No World Cup Due WWII

Time: Thursday Aug 13, 1936

Place: Germany

Details: The FIFA World Cup was planned to take place in 1942. Germany officially applied to host the 1942 FIFA World Cup at the 23rd FIFA Congress on 13 August 1936 in Berlin. In June 1939, Brazil also applied to host the tournament. The beginning of European hostilities in September 1939 prompted further plans for the 1942 World Cup to be cancelled, before a host country was selected. The FIFA tournament did not take place.



Friedrich Himmel Birth
Friedrich Himmel Birth
Wednesday Nov 20, 1765 - Treuenbrietzen
Christoph Nichelmann Birth
Christoph Nichelmann Birth
Friday Aug 13, 1717 - Treuenbrietzen
Berlin Wall Image
Berlin Wall-Longtime leader is changed
Wednesday Oct 18, 1989 - East Germany, Germany
Gustav Stresemann
Gustav Stresemann-The passive resistance against the Occupation
Wednesday Sep 26, 1923 - Wiemar Republic (Present Day Germany)
Hirohito-The Potsdam Declaration
Thursday Jul 26, 1945 - Potsdam, Germany

On This Day - 13 August

Disasters with highest death tolls-1868 Arica Earthquake
Thursday Aug 13, 1868 at 09:30:00 PM - Arica, Chile
Oliver Wright and Wilbur Wright Image
The Wright brothers-Best Kitty Hawk effort
Saturday Aug 13, 1904 - U.S.
Gustav Stresemann
Gustav Stresemann-Becoming Chancellor and Foreign Minister
Monday Aug 13, 1923 - Wiemar Republic (Present Day Germany)
Fidel Castro Image
Fidel Castro-Born
Friday Aug 13, 1926 - Birán, Cuba
World War II
World War II-Falaise Pocket
Sunday Aug 13, 1944 - Normandy, France

August 1936

Adolf Hitler
Adolf Hitler-A Four Year Plan to prepare Germany for war
Aug, 1936 - Germany
The logo of Adidas with the three stripes - image
Adidas-The 1936 Summer Olympics
Saturday Aug 1, 1936 - Berlin, Germany
Battle of Madrid (Spanish Civil War)
Spanish Civil War-Pro-Republican rally of 20,000 people confronted Blum
Saturday Aug 1, 1936 - Spain
King Edward VIII
Edward VIII-Edward and Simpson cruised the Eastern Mediterranean
Aug, 1936 - Eastern Mediterranean
Sculpture of Shep
Shep (American dog)-Master's death
Aug, 1936 - Fort Benton, Montana, U.S.


Communist troops in the Battle of Siping - Chinese Civil War Image
Chinese Civil War-Chiang was placed under house arrest
1936 - China
First Chechen War (A Chechen fighter stands near the government palace building during a short lull in fighting in Grozny, Chechnya) Image
First Chechen War-Chechen-Ingush Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic
1936 - Chechnya, Russia
Schindler, Oskar Image
Oskar Schindler (Schindler's List)-Abwehrstelle II Commando VIII
1936 - Breslau (Now: Wrocław, Poland)
Heinrich Himmler
Heinrich Himmler-The SS as an Anti-Bolshevist Fighting Organization
1936 - Dachau, Bavaria, Germany
John Maynard Keynes
John Maynard Keynes-The General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money
1936 - England