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Dissolution of the Soviet Union - Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the RSFSR

Time: Tuesday May 29, 1990

Place: Russia

Details: On May 29, 1990, Yeltsin was elected chair of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the RSFSR.



Ho Chi Minh
Ho Chi Minh-Quốc (Ho) left Paris for Moscow
1923 - Moscow, U.S.S.R.
Stalin's Image
Joseph Stalin-Death
Thursday Mar 5, 1953 - Moscow, Soviet Union
Chernobyl disaster-The reports was detailed of radioisotopes
1989 - U.S.S.R
(Second Chechen War) A Russian Mi-8 helicopter shot down by Chechen fighters near the Chechen capital, Grozny
Second Chechen War-Chechen conflict entered a new phase
Friday Oct 1, 1999 - Russia
Margaret Thatcher Image
Margaret Thatcher-Her First Visit To The Soviet Union
1969 - Moscow, Russia

On This Day - 29 May

Ottoman Empire Coat of arms
Ottoman Empire-Mehmed the Conqueror conquered Constantinople
Sunday May 29, 1453 - Constantinople, Byzantine Empire
Byzantine Empire
Byzantine Empire-Constantinople fell to the Ottomans
Sunday May 29, 1453 - Constantinople, Byzantine Empire
Napoleon Bonaparte
Napoleon-Josephine death
Sunday May 29, 1814 - Rueil-Malmaison, Kingdom of France
First Sino-Japanese War Image
First Sino-Japanese War-Japanese Forces Occupied Taiwan's main Towns
Wednesday May 29, 1895 - Taiwan
Igor Stravinsky
Igor Stravinsky-Stravinsky Contracted Typhoid
Thursday May 29, 1913 - Paris, France

29 May 1990

Warren Buffett
Warren Buffett-A Billionaire
Tuesday May 29, 1990 - U.S.

May 1990

Garry Kasparov Image
Garry Kasparov-The Democratic Party of Russia
May, 1990 - Russia
Putin Image
Vladimir Putin-Adviser on international affairs to the Mayor
May, 1990 - Leningrad (Saint Petersburg), Russia
Kremlin, Russia Image
Dissolution of the Soviet Union-The Restoration of independence
Friday May 4, 1990 - Latvia
Kremlin, Russia Image
Dissolution of the Soviet Union-Latvia's Prime Minister
Monday May 7, 1990 - Latvia
Microsoft Corporation current (2019) logo
Microsoft-Windows 3.0
Friday May 11, 1990 - Redmond, Washington, U.S.


Rwandan genocide
Rwandan genocide-The RPF invaded
1990 - Rwanda
Rwandan genocide
Rwandan genocide-Civil Defense
1990 - Rwanda
Destroyed Yugoslav Army T-55 tank. This tank was hit by a Croatian AT missile, abandoned by its crew and later destroyed by another JNA tank
Croatian War of Independence-The League of Communists broke up
Jan, 1990 - Croatia
Kosovo War Image
Kosovo War-the Yugoslav government announced it would press ahead with the creation of a multi-party system
Jan, 1990 - Serbia (Yugoslavia)
Rwandan genocide
Rwandan genocide-Large numbers of grenades and munitions
1990 - Rwanda