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Margaret Thatcher - Resignation

Time: Wednesday Nov 28, 1990

Place: Downing Street, London, England

Details: On 14 November, Michael Heseltine mounted a challenge for the leadership of the Conservative Party. Opinion polls had indicated that he would give the Conservatives a national lead over Labour. Although Thatcher led on the first ballot with the votes of 204 Conservative MPs (54.8%) to 152 votes (40.9%) for Heseltine and 16 abstentions, she was four votes short of the required 15% majority. A second ballot was therefore necessary. Thatcher initially declared her intention to "fight on and fight to win" the second ballot, but consultation with her Cabinet persuaded her to withdraw. After holding an audience with the Queen, calling other world leaders, and making one final Commons speech, on 28 November she left Downing Street in tears. She reportedly regarded her ousting as a betrayal. Her resignation was a shock to many outside Britain, with such foreign observers as Henry Kissinger and Gorbachev expressing private consternation.



David Cameron Image
David Cameron-Cameron was re-elected UK Prime Minister
Thursday May 7, 2015 - London, England
Johan Cruyff
Johan Cruyff-The European Cup
Wednesday Jun 2, 1971 - London, England
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David Cameron-The vice-chairman of The Conservative Party
Nov, 2003 - London, England
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Lula da Silva-G-20 summit
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King Edward VIII
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Sunday Jul 15, 1894 - Green Drawing Room of White Lodge, London, England, United Kingdom

On This Day - 28 November

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November 1990

Margaret Thatcher Image
Margaret Thatcher-The resignation of The last remaining member of Thatcher's original 1979 cabinet
Thursday Nov 1, 1990 - London, England
Logo for American sportswear company Nike Inc.
Nike, Inc.-The First Nike Retail Store
Nov, 1990 - Portland, Oregon, U.S.
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Thursday Nov 8, 1990 - New Jersey, U.S.
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Bosnian War-The First multi-party election
Sunday Nov 18, 1990 - Bosnia and Herzegovina
NATO flag
NATO Establishment-The Treaty on Conventional Armed Forces in Europe
Monday Nov 19, 1990 - Paris, France


Rwandan genocide
Rwandan genocide-The RPF invaded
1990 - Rwanda
Rwandan genocide
Rwandan genocide-Civil Defense
1990 - Rwanda
Destroyed Yugoslav Army T-55 tank. This tank was hit by a Croatian AT missile, abandoned by its crew and later destroyed by another JNA tank
Croatian War of Independence-The League of Communists broke up
Jan, 1990 - Croatia
Kosovo War Image
Kosovo War-the Yugoslav government announced it would press ahead with the creation of a multi-party system
Jan, 1990 - Serbia (Yugoslavia)
Rwandan genocide
Rwandan genocide-Large numbers of grenades and munitions
1990 - Rwanda