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Marco van Basten - Resigning from Ajax

Time: Wednesday May 6, 2009

Place: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Details: Van Basten became manager of Ajax after Euro 2008 but resigned on 6 May 2009 after his team failed to qualify for the Champions League.



Marco van Basten
Marco van Basten-Playing for Ajax
1981 - Amsterdam, Netherlands
Zlatan Ibrahimović - image
Zlatan Ibrahimović-Moving To Ajax
Jul, 2001 - Amsterdam, Netherlands
Johan Cruyff
Johan Cruyff-Birth
Friday Apr 25, 1947 - Amsterdam, Netherlands
Johan Cruyff
Johan Cruyff-The New Technical director at his boyhood club Ajax
Wednesday Feb 20, 2008 - Amsterdam, Netherlands
Johan Cruyff
Johan Cruyff-The Ajax board of advisors and the CEO resigned
Wednesday Mar 30, 2011 - Amsterdam, Netherlands

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May 2009

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