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Rwandan genocide - Resolution 918

Time: Tuesday May 17, 1994

Place: Rwanda

Details: On 17 May 1994, the UN passed Resolution 918, which imposed an arms embargo and reinforced UNAMIR, which would be known as UNAMIR II. The new soldiers did not start arriving until June, and following the end of the genocide in July, the role of UNAMIR II was largely confined to maintaining security and stability, until its termination in 1996.



Rwandan genocide
Rwandan genocide-Paul Kagame warned the crisis committee and UNAMIR that he would resume the civil war if the killing did not stop
Thursday Apr 7, 1994 - Rwanda
Rwandan genocide
Rwandan genocide-Several extremist Hutu groups formed
1993 - Rwanda
Rwandan genocide
Rwandan genocide-Rwigyema led a force of over 4,000 rebels from Uganda, advancing 60 km into Rwanda
Oct, 1990 - Rwanda
Rwandan genocide
Rwandan genocide-The Coalition for the Defence of the Republic (CDR)
1992 - Rwanda
Rwandan genocide
Rwandan genocide-The Official Technical School
Monday Apr 11, 1994 - Kigali, Rwanda

On This Day - 17 May

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17 May 1994

Rwandan genocide
Rwandan genocide-UNHCR began hearing concrete accounts of atrocities and made this information public
Tuesday May 17, 1994 - Rwanda

May 1994

Rwandan genocide
Rwandan genocide-The Presidential Guard, gendarmerie and the youth militia, aided by local populations, continued killing at a very high rate
May, 1994 - Rwanda
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Nelson Mandela-The Presidency of South Africa
Tuesday May 10, 1994 - South Africa
Bosnian War (The government building in the centre of Sarajevo burns after being hit by tank fire during the siege in 1992) Image
Bosnian War-the US Senate adopted S. 2042
Thursday May 12, 1994 - Washington D.C., U.S.
Rwandan genocide
Rwandan genocide-RPF had cut the road between Kigali and Gitarama
Monday May 16, 1994 - Rwanda
Rwandan genocide
Rwandan genocide-UNHCR began hearing concrete accounts of atrocities and made this information public
Tuesday May 17, 1994 - Rwanda


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Conflict in Myanmar-A Ceasefire
1994 - Bhamo, Kachin State, Myanmar
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George Weah-Winning The African Footballer of The Year For The Second Time
1994 - Paris, France
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1997 Asian financial crisis-The renminbi (RMB)
1994 - China