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German revolutions of 1848–1849 - Struggle for constitutional rights

Time: Jul, 1848

Place: Central Europe (Present-Day Germany)

Details: Democrats of the Palatinate and across Germany considered the Baden-Palatinate insurrection to be part of the wider all-German struggle for constitutional rights. Franz Sigel, a second lieutenant in the Baden army, a democrat, and a supporter of the provisional government, developed a plan to protect the reform movement in Karlsruhe and the Palatinate.



Shakira Image
Shakira-Singing in the closing ceremony song of the FIFA World Cup 2006
Sunday Jul 9, 2006 - Olympiastadion, Berlin, Germany
Lionel Messi
Lionel Messi-Champions League 2015
Saturday Jun 6, 2015 - Olympiastadion, Berlin, Germany
Adolf Hitler
Adolf Hitler-Withdrew from the League of Nations
Oct, 1933 - Germany
Berlin Wall Image
Berlin Wall-East German military officially began dismantling the Wall
Wednesday Jun 13, 1990 - Berlin, East Germany, Germany
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Carlos the Jackal-The Maison de France in West Berlin attack
Monday Aug 1, 1983 - West Berlin, Germany

July 1848

Flag of the United States
Flag of the United States-Star for Wisconsin
Tuesday Jul 4, 1848 - U.S.
Flag of Repubblica Cispadana1
Unification of Italy-Battle of Custoza
Jul, 1848 - Custoza, Sommacampagna, Verona, Italy
Battle at Soufflot barricades at Rue Soufflot
Revolutions of 1848-Young Ireland rebellion
Saturday Jul 29, 1848 - Ireland
Battle at Soufflot barricades at Rue Soufflot
Revolutions of 1848-The Young Ireland Party launched its rebellion
Jul, 1848 - Ireland


Algerian War Image
Algerian War-Integral part of France
1848 - Algeria
German revolutions of 1848–1849-The first major outbreak came in Palermo
Jan, 1848 - Palermo, Italy
Battle at Soufflot barricades at Rue Soufflot
Revolutions of 1848-Urban workers
Jan, 1848 - Europe
German revolutions of 1848–1849-Causes of events of 1848 in the Austrian Empire
Saturday Jan 1, 1848 - Central Europe (Present-Day Austria)
Flag of Repubblica Cispadana1
Unification of Italy-Unification process was precipitated by the revolutions of 1848
Jan, 1848 - Italy