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Second Sino-Japanese War - The Japanese captured Kaifeng

Time: Sunday Jun 6, 1937

Place: Kaifeng, Henan, China

Details: In 1937, the Japanese Imperial Army quickly marched into the heart of Chinese territory. On June 6, they captured Kaifeng, the capital of Henan, and threatened to take Zhengzhou, the junction of the Pinghan and Longhai railways.



Ancient China
Ancient China-Shi Shen was born
5th Century BC - Kaifeng, China
Ancient China
Ancient China-Qin conquered Wei
225 BC - Wei (Present-Day Kaifeng, China)
Ancient China
Ancient China-Spring and Autumn period
770s BC - China
A mural showing women dressed in traditional Hanfu silk robes, from the Dahuting Tomb of the late Eastern Han dynasty (25–220 AD)
Imperial China (Qin and Han dynasties)-Cai Wenji was born
170s - Qi County, Henan, China
Ancient China
Ancient China-Nine Tripod Cauldrons
20th Century BC - China

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June 1937

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Communist troops in the Battle of Siping - Chinese Civil War Image
Chinese Civil War-Japan launched its full-scale invasion of China
1937 - China
Ronald Reagan
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Friday Jan 1, 1937 - Germany
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