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Adolf Hitler - The Only legal political party in Germany

Time: Friday Jul 14, 1933

Place: Germany

Details: On 14 July 1933, the NSDAP was declared the only legal political party in Germany.



Adolf Hitler
Adolf Hitler-Military mobilization is ordered
Tuesday Aug 22, 1939 - Germany
German revolutions of 1848–1849-"State Committee for the Defence and Implementation of the Constitution"
Wednesday May 2, 1849 - Central Europe (Present-Day Germany)
Adolf Hitler
Adolf Hitler-Expansion of the army
Mar, 1935 - Gemany
German revolutions of 1848–1849-Baden sent two democrats to the pre parliament
Friday Feb 4, 1848 - Central Europe (Present-Day Germany)
Adolf Hitler
Adolf Hitler-Iron Cross
Sunday Aug 4, 1918 - Germany

On This Day - 14 July

Algerian War Image
Algerian War-Code de l'indigénat
Friday Jul 14, 1865 - Algeria
The Second Boer War
Second Boer War-President Kruger Death
Thursday Jul 14, 1904 - Clarens, Switzerland
Photograph taken showing the body of Will Brown after being burned by a white lynch mob - Red Summer
Red Summer-Garfield Park riot
Monday Jul 14, 1919 - Garfield Park, Indianapolis, U.S.
The Holocaust-Sterilization Law
Friday Jul 14, 1933 - Germany
Howard Hughes 1938 Image
Howard Hughes: The Aviator-Around the world record
Thursday Jul 14, 1938 - New York, U.S.

14 July 1933

The Holocaust-Sterilization Law
Friday Jul 14, 1933 - Germany

July 1933

Crowd at New York's American Union Bank during a bank run early in the Great Depression
Great Depression-Federal Reserve industrial production index rebounds to 85.5
Jul, 1933 - Eccles Building, Washington D.C., U.S.
Martin Bormann
Martin Bormann-The Chief of Staff In The Office of Rudolf Hess
Saturday Jul 1, 1933 - Germany
Martin Bormann
Martin Bormann-The Personal Secretary to Rudolf Hess
Tuesday Jul 4, 1933 - Germany
The Holocaust-Sterilization Law
Friday Jul 14, 1933 - Germany


Second Sino-Japanese War (Japanese Special Naval Landing Forces in Battle of Shanghai 1937) Image
Second Sino-Japanese War-The Japanese attacked the Great Wall region
1933 - Eastern end of the Great Wall of China
Lacoste logo Image
Lacoste-Founding Lacoste
1933 - Troyes, France
Martin Bormann
Martin Bormann-The Machtergreifung (NSDAP Seizure of Power)
Jan, 1933 - Berlin, Germany
Heinrich Himmler
Heinrich Himmler-SS-Obergruppenführer
Sunday Jan 1, 1933 - Germany
Heinrich Himmler
Heinrich Himmler-The Nazi Party Growth
1933 - Germany