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Igor Stravinsky - Their Fourth son was born

Time: Thursday Jan 15, 1914

Place: Lausanne, Switzerland

Details: The Stravinsky family returned to Switzerland (as usual) in the fall of 1913. On 15 January 1914, a fourth child, Marie Milène (or Maria Milena), was born in Lausanne. After her delivery, Katya was discovered to have tuberculosis and was confined to the sanatorium at Leysin, high in the Alps. Igor and the family took up residence nearby.



Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh
Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh-President of the International Equestrian Federation
1964 - Lausanne, Switzerland
Igor Stravinsky
Igor Stravinsky-Reinhart Sponsored and Largely Underwrote The First Performance of L'Histoire du soldat
Saturday Sep 28, 1918 - Lausanne, Switzerland
Igor Stravinsky
Igor Stravinsky-Their Second Son Was born
Friday Sep 23, 1910 - Lausanne, Switzerland
Lacoste logo Image
Lacoste-Lacoste Was accused of Censoring The Work of Palestinian Artist Larissa Sansour
Dec, 2011 - Lausanne, Switzerland
Martial arts
Martial arts-International Boxing Association was established
1946 - Lausanne, Switzerland

On This Day - 15 January

Aureus of Augustus, the first Roman Emperor
Roman Empire-Marcus Otho
Tuesday Jan 15, 69 - Rome
Galileo Galilei
Galileo Galilei-Ottavio Brenzoni's letter
Saturday Jan 15, 1605 - Italy
Napoleon Bonaparte
Napoleon-Decisive French triumph at Rivoli
Sunday Jan 15, 1797 - Rivoli, Italy
Martin Luther King Image
Martin Luther King-Birth
Sunday Jan 15, 1928 - Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.
Battle of Madrid (Spanish Civil War)
Spanish Civil War-Tarragona fell
Saturday Jan 15, 1938 - Tarragona, Spain

January 1914

Mona Lisa
Mona Lisa-Returned to the Louvre
Sunday Jan 4, 1914 - Paris, France


First Indochina War COLLAGE - image
First Indochina War-Phan Bội Châu was imprisoned
1914 - Vietnam
Josip Broz Tito Image
Josip Broz Tito-Broz was arrested
1914 - Novi Sad, Serbia
Adolf Hitler
Adolf Hitler-To Munich
1914 - Munich, Germany
Francisco Franco
Francisco Franco-Rif War
1914 - Morocco
Marie Curie
Marie Curie-The Radium Institute
1914 - Paris, France