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Ottoman Empire - Treaty of Belgrade

Time: Friday Sep 18, 1739

Place: Belgrade, Habsburg Kingdom of Serbia

Details: The Austro-Russian–Turkish War (1735–1739), which was ended by the Treaty of Belgrade in 1739, resulted in the Ottoman recovery of northern Bosnia, Habsburg Serbia (including Belgrade), Oltenia, and the southern parts of the Banat of Temeswar; but the Empire lost the port of Azov, north of the Crimean Peninsula, to the Russians. After this treaty, the Ottoman Empire was able to enjoy a generation of peace, as Austria and Russia were forced to deal with the rise of Prussia.



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Slobodan Milošević-Milošević was charged with ordering Ivan Stambolić's Murder
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Slobodan Milošević-Belgrade Speech
Saturday Nov 19, 1988 - Belgrade, Serbia
Slobodan Milošević Image
Slobodan Milošević-The 2000 Presidential Election
Sunday Sep 24, 2000 - Serbia
The Headquarters of the UNCTAD are located at the Palais des Nations in Geneva
United Nations Conference on Trade and Development-Belgrade Conference
Monday Jun 6, 1983 - Belgrade, Serbia

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