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Alan Turing - Turing's Paper "Computing Machinery and Intelligence"

Time: Oct, 1950

Place: England

Details: In "Computing Machinery and Intelligence" (Mind, October 1950), Turing addressed the problem of artificial intelligence, and proposed an experiment that became known as the Turing test, an attempt to define a standard for a machine to be called "intelligent". The idea was that a computer could be said to "think" if a human interrogator could not tell it apart, through conversation, from a human being.



Virat Kohli
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October 1950

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Korean War-UN forces invaded North Korea
Oct, 1950 - Yalu River, North Korea
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Korean War-The South Korean police executed people who were suspected to be sympathetic to North Korea
Oct, 1950 - South Korea
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Korean War-China emergency meetings
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Korean War-The UN Command forces followed the ROK forces northwards
Saturday Oct 7, 1950 - North Korea


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Margaret Thatcher-Conservative Candidate For Dartford
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Akio Morita
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Alan Turing
Alan Turing-The Chess Program was Completed
1950 - England