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  • Tokyo, Japan
    Tuesday Jan 13, 1942


    The Emperor pressed Sugiyama four times to launch an Attack on Bataan

    Tokyo, Japan
    Tuesday Jan 13, 1942

    The Emperor made major interventions in some military operations. For example, he pressed Sugiyama four times, on January 13 and 21 and February 9 and 26, to increase troop strength and launch an attack on Bataan.

  • Greater Tokyo Area, Japan
    Saturday Apr 18, 1942

    World War II

    Doolittle Raid

    Greater Tokyo Area, Japan
    Saturday Apr 18, 1942

    The Doolittle Raid, also known as the Tokyo Raid, was an air raid on 18 April 1942 by the United States on the Japanese capital Tokyo and other places on Honshu. It was the first air operation to strike the Japanese archipelago. It demonstrated that the Japanese mainland was vulnerable to American air attack, served as retaliation for the attack on Pearl Harbor. The raid caused negligible material damage to Japan, but it had major psychological effects. In the United States, it raised morale. In Japan, it raised doubt about the ability of military leaders to defend the home islands, but the bombing and strafing of civilians also steeled Japanese resolve to gain retribution, and this was exploited for propaganda purposes.