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  • Munich, Germany
    Sunday Apr 29, 2007

    Michael Ballack

    Ballack had Undergone Ankle Surgery in Munich

    Munich, Germany
    Sunday Apr 29, 2007

    On 29 April 2007, Chelsea released a statement on their official website, informing fans that Ballack had undergone ankle surgery in Munich. As a result, Ballack did not play in the FA Cup final against Manchester United, which Chelsea won 1–0 through Didier Drogba's extra time goal.

  • Europe
    Monday Dec 31, 2007

    Visa Inc.

    Exemption expired

    Monday Dec 31, 2007

    In 2002, the European Commission exempted Visa's multilateral interchange fees from Article 81 of the EC Treaty that prohibits anti-competitive arrangements. However, this exemption expired on December 31, 2007. In the United Kingdom, MasterCard has reduced its interchange fees while it is under investigation by the Office of Fair Trading.