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  • Madrid, Spain
    Tuesday Jul 22, 1969

    Juan Carlos I

    The Spanish Parliament ratifie on Juan as The Prince of Spain

    Madrid, Spain
    Tuesday Jul 22, 1969

    Franco decided to skip a generation and name Juan de Borbón's son, Prince Juan Carlos, as his personal successor. Franco hoped the young prince could be groomed to take over the nation while still maintaining the ultraconservative and authoritarian nature of his regime. In 1969, Juan Carlos was officially designated heir-apparent and was given the new title of Prince of Spain (not the traditional Prince of Asturias). As a condition of being named heir-apparent, he was required to swear loyalty to Franco's Movimiento Nacional, which he did with little outward hesitation. His choice was ratified by the Spanish parliament on 22 July 1969.

  • Barcelona, Spain
    Monday Jul 22, 2013

    Lionel Messi

    Coach Martino

    Barcelona, Spain
    Monday Jul 22, 2013

    On 22 July 2013, Martino was confirmed as manager of Spanish club Barcelona to replace Tito Vilanova who resigned three days earlier.