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OnePlus 7T Series

Wednesday Sep 25, 2019
New Delhi, India

The OnePlus 7T was officially presented in New Delhi on September 26 of 2019 and was available to order on September 28, followed by the 7T Pro unveiled 2 weeks later. The OnePlus 7T is the successor to the 7 that was released 5 months prior for the European and Asian market, and to the 6T for the American market where the OnePlus 7 wasn't available for sale. It features a new form-factor compared to its predecessors, with a 20/9 aspect ratio instead of 19.5/9. This allowed for OnePlus to make the phone ever so slightly taller than the older 6T and 7 while keeping the same width. OnePlus also decided to include the 90Hz Fluid AMOLED display found on the previous OnePlus 7 Pro. While OnePlus did keep the resolution at 2400×1080 pixels, the screen was one of its primary selling points. While the OnePlus 7T is considered a significant upgrade compared to the 7, the 7T Pro is a very subtle upgrade over the 7 Pro. It features the same display, same body, same camera system; the main changes being faster charging, faster processor and a slightly quieter pop-up camera.