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Atari, Inc. - Atari Lynx

Time: Dec, 1989

Place: California, U.S.

Details: In 1989, Atari released the Atari Lynx, a handheld console with color graphics, to much fanfare. A shortage of parts kept the system from being released nationwide for the 1989 Christmas season, and the Lynx lost market share to Nintendo's Game Boy which, despite only having a black and white display, was cheaper, had better battery life and had much higher availability.



Oculus Rift
Virtual reality-Arari
1982 - Sunnyvale, California, United States
Atari logo
Atari, Inc.-The Atari 2600jr and the Atari 7800
1986 - California, U.S.
Atari logo
Atari, Inc.-Ataribox
Thursday Jun 8, 2017 - Sunnyvale, California, U.S.
Atari logo
Atari, Inc.-Last home console
Nov, 1993 - California, U.S.
Atari logo
Atari, Inc.-Foundation of Atari
Wednesday Jun 28, 1972 - Sunnyvale, California, United States

December 1989

Zorig Memorial in Ulan-Bator
Mongolian Revolution of 1990-The Demonstrations Increased
Dec, 1989 - Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
Canon Camera
Dec, 1989 - Tokyo, Japan
Margaret Thatcher Image
Margaret Thatcher-1989 Conservative Party leadership election
Tuesday Dec 5, 1989 - London, England
Kremlin, Russia Image
Dissolution of the Soviet Union-Communist Party of Lithuania splits
Thursday Dec 7, 1989 - Lithuania
Kremlin, Russia Image
Dissolution of the Soviet Union-International Human Rights Day
Sunday Dec 10, 1989 - Lviv, Ukraine


George Weah in Milan AC 1996 - image
George Weah-Winning The African Footballer of The Year For The First Time
1989 - Paris, France
Tony Hawk
Tony Hawk-Gleaming the Cube
1989 - Los Angeles, California, U.S.
Prince William and Duchess Kate of Cambridge visits Sweden 02 Image
Prince William-Early statement
1989 - London, United Kingdom
Slobodan Milošević Image
Slobodan Milošević-Submitting an amended Serbian Constitution
1989 - Serbia
Slobodan Milošević Image
Slobodan Milošević-Milošević gave support to Croatian Serbs
1989 - Serbia