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World War 1 - Bulgaria capitulated

Time: Sunday Sep 29, 1918

Place: Bulgaria

Details: By 25 September British and French troops had crossed the border into Bulgaria proper as the Bulgarian army collapsed. Bulgaria capitulated four days later, on 29 September 1918.



Ottoman Empire Coat of arms
Ottoman Empire-Massacring up to 100,000 people
Apr, 1876 - Bulgaria
Scythian comb
Scythian-The Scythians launched an great expedition into Thrace
496 BC - Thrace (Bulgaria)
Byzantine Empire
Byzantine Empire-Vlachs and Bulgars began a rebellion that led to the formation of the Second Bulgarian Empire
1185 - Bulgaria
Byzantine Empire
Byzantine Empire-Bulgaria became part of the Empire
1018 - Bulgaria
Bactria Map
Bactria-Bactria belonged to the Medes (Achaemenid Empire)
7th Century BC - Balkans

On This Day - 29 September

George Washington
George Washington-The Siege of Yorktown
Saturday Sep 29, 1781 - Yorktown, Virginia, U.S.
German revolutions of 1848–1849-Austrian troops were defeated by the Hungarian
Friday Sep 29, 1848 - Central Europe (Present-Day Hungary)
Willem Einthoven
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Thursday Sep 29, 1927 - Leiden, Netherlands
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Adolf Hitler
Adolf Hitler-Munich Agreement
Thursday Sep 29, 1938 - Munich, Germany

September 1918

Louis Armstrong Image
Louis Armstrong-An Excursion boat
Sunday Sep 1, 1918 - New Orleans, Louisiana, U.S.
World War 1-Varder Offensive
World War 1-Varder Offensive
Sep, 1918 - Varder, Macedonia
H1N1 navbox Image
Spanish Flu-The Second Wave
Sep, 1918 - Boston, U.S.
H1N1 navbox Image
Spanish Flu-Added to the New York City's Board of Health List
Sep, 1918 - New York, U.S.
World War II
World War II-German Empire was dissolved
Monday Sep 9, 1918 - Germany


Oliver Wright and Wilbur Wright Image
The Wright brothers-Orville's last flight
1918 - U.S.
Hungarian–Romanian War (Romanian Cavalry in Budapest during the Hungarian-Romanian War of 1919) Image
Hungarian–Romanian War-The Austro-Hungarian Monarchy Politically Collapsed
1918 - Austria-Hungary
H1N1 navbox Image
Spanish Flu-United States breach
Jan, 1918 - Fort Riley, Kansas, U.S.
Vladimir Lenin
Vladimir Lenin-Unsuccessful assassination
Friday Jan 4, 1918 - Saint Petersburg, Russia
Palace of Versailles
Treaty of Versailles-Wilson issued the Fourteen Points
Tuesday Jan 8, 1918 - U.S