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Algerian War - General Raoul Salan commanding the French Army in Algeria

Time: 1957

Place: Algeria

Details: Late in 1957, General Raoul Salan, commanding the French Army in Algeria, instituted a system of quadrillage (surveillance using a grid pattern), dividing the country into sectors, each permanently garrisoned by troops responsible for suppressing rebel operations in their assigned territory. Salan's methods sharply reduced the instances of FLN terrorism but tied down a large number of troops in static defense. Salan also constructed a heavily patrolled system of barriers to limit infiltration from Tunisia and Morocco.



Algerian War Image
Algerian War-It was announced that Ben M'hidi had committed suicide by hanging himself with his shirt
Wednesday Mar 6, 1957 - Algeria
Algerian War Image
Algerian War-The first Governor-General of Algeria
1830 - Algeria
Charles de Gaulle
Charles de Gaulle-De Gaulle offered Algeria's self-determination
1959 - Algeria
Algerian War Image
Algerian War-All Algerians including women were registered for the first time on electoral rolls to participate in a referendum to be held on the new constitution
Sep, 1958 - Algeria
Algerian War Image
Algerian War-Intelligence gained by Colonel Godard's operatives
Monday Aug 26, 1957 - Algeria


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Vietnam War-South Vietnam enjoyed its first peace in over a decade
1957 - South Vietnam
Magdi Yacoub
Magdi Yacoub-Graduation
1957 - Giza, Egypt
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Juan Carlos I-Joining The Naval School
1957 - Marín, Pontevedra, Spain
Algerian War Image
Algerian War-Support for the FLN weakened
1957 - Algeria
Akio Morita
Akio Morita-Producing a pocket-Sized Radio
1957 - Tokyo, Japan