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Howard Hughes: The Aviator - Marriage to Jean Peters

Time: Saturday Jan 12, 1957

Place: Tonopah, Nevada, U.S.

Details: On January 12, 1957, Hughes married actress Jean Peters at a small hotel in Tonopah, Nevada. The couple met in the 1940s before Peters became a film actress. They had a highly publicized romance in 1947 and there was the talk of marriage, but she said she could not combine it with her career. Some later claimed that Peters was "the only woman Hughes ever loved," and he reportedly had his security officers follow her everywhere even when they were not in a relationship. Such reports were confirmed by actor Max Showalter, who became a close friend of Peters while shooting Niagara 1953. Showalter told in an interview that because he frequently met with Peters, Hughes' men threatened to ruin his career if he did not leave her alone.



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Atari, Inc.-The Atari ST.
Jun, 1985 - U.S.

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January 1957

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