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Hirohito - Prime Minister Submitted a draft of the Decision To The Emperor

Time: Friday Sep 5, 1941

Place: Tokyo, Japan

Details: On September 5, Prime Minister Konoe informally submitted a draft of the decision to the Emperor, just one day in advance of the Imperial Conference at which it would be formally implemented.



Hirohito-The First Private audience with The Emperor
Feb, 1945 - Tokyo, Japan
Hirohito-The Emperor response on the American advance through the Solomon Islands
Saturday Sep 11, 1943 - Tokyo, Japan
Saturday Jan 26, 1924 - Tokyo, Japan
PlayStation logo
PlayStation-CD-ROM for the Super Famicom
1988 - Tokyo, Japan
PlayStation logo
PlayStation-"Super Slim" PlayStation 3
2012 - Tokyo, Japan

On This Day - 5 September

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(1905 Russian Revolution) A train overturned by striking workers at the main railway depot in Tiflis
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World War 1-Battle of Marne
World War 1-Battle of Marne
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September 1941

John Maynard Keynes
John Maynard Keynes-Proposed to fill a vacancy in the Court of Directors of the Bank of England
Sep, 1941 - England
Hirohito-The Japanese Cabinet Meeting
Thursday Sep 4, 1941 - Tokyo, Japan
Charles de Gaulle
Charles de Gaulle-De Gaulle formed the Free French National Council
Sep, 1941 - France
World War II
World War II-Second Battle of Changsha
Sunday Sep 7, 1941 - Changsha, China
World War II
World War II-Siege of Leningrad
Monday Sep 8, 1941 - Leningrad, U.S.S.R. (Present Day Saint Petersburg, Russia)


Second Sino-Japanese War (Japanese Special Naval Landing Forces in Battle of Shanghai 1937) Image
Second Sino-Japanese War-the New Fourth Army Incident
Jan, 1941 - China
Old Computers - image
Computer-The world's First working Electromechanical Programmable
1941 - Germany
Communist troops in the Battle of Siping - Chinese Civil War Image
Chinese Civil War-The situation came to a head in late 1940 and early 1941 when clashes between Communist and KMT forces intensified
1941 - China
Ho Chi Minh
Ho Chi Minh-Returning to Vietnam
1941 - Vietnam
Schindler, Oskar Image
Oskar Schindler (Schindler's List)-Protecting his workers
1941 - Poland