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Armenian Genocide - Raphael Lemkin coined "genocide"

Time: 1943

Place: Poland

Details: The Armenian Genocide took place before the coining of the term genocide. English-language words and phrases used by contemporary accounts to characterize the event include "massacres", "atrocities", "annihilation", "holocaust", "the murder of a nation", "race extermination" and "a crime against humanity". Raphael Lemkin coined "genocide" in 1943, with the fate of the Armenians in mind; he later explained that: "it happened so many times ... It happened to the Armenians, then after the Armenians Hitler took action".



Alan Turing
Alan Turing-Warsaw Meeting
Jul, 1939 - Warsaw, Poland
Hungarian flag with the 1949–1956 communist emblem cut out
Hungarian Revolution of 1956-The Warsaw Pact
Saturday May 14, 1955 - Warsaw, Poland
Marie Curie
Marie Curie-Born
Thursday Nov 7, 1867 - Warsaw, Congress Poland, Russian Empire (Now Poland)
Marie Curie
Marie Curie-Graduating From a Gymnasium For Girls
Tuesday Jun 12, 1883 - Congress Poland, Russian Empire (Now Poland)
World War II
World War II-German troops reached the suburbs of Warsaw
Friday Sep 8, 1939 - Warsaw, Poland


Communist troops in the Battle of Siping - Chinese Civil War Image
Chinese Civil War-Chiang attacked the CPC in 1943 with the propaganda piece China's Destiny
1943 - China
Martin Bormann
Martin Bormann-Hitler Created a Three-man Committee
1943 - Berlin, Germany
Rosa Parks Image
Rosa Parks-The 1st bus Incident
1943 - Montgomery, Alabama, U.S.
Howard Hughes 1938 Image
Howard Hughes: The Aviator-Surviving Air Crash
1943 - Lake Mead, Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S.
New York Stock Exchange
New York Stock Exchange-Trading floor is opened to women while men were serving in WWII
1943 - New York City, New York, U.S.