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Ruhollah Khomeini - Sent to Turkey

Time: Wednesday Nov 4, 1964

Place: Turkey

Details: Khomeini spent more than 14 years in exile, mostly in the holy Iraqi city of Najaf. Initially, he was sent to Turkey on 4 November 1964 where he stayed in Bursa in the home of Colonel Ali Cetiner of the Turkish Military Intelligence.



Kingdom of Pergamon
Kingdom of Pergamon-Achaeus returned from his victorious campaign
217 BC - Anatolia
Kingdom of Pergamon
Kingdom of Pergamon-Achaeus assumed control of the army
220s BC - North Taurus Mountains, Anatolia
Armenian Genocide
Armenian Genocide-The Triple Entente warned Ottoman Empire
Monday May 24, 1915 - Turkey (then Ottoman Empire)
Portrait d'Ibrahim Pacha
Ibrahim Pasha of Egypt-Ibrahim Pasha defeated Vizier Reşid Mehmed Pasha
Wednesday Dec 21, 1831 - Konya, Turkey
Muhammad Ali Pasha
Muhammad Ali of Egypt-Battle of Konya
Friday Dec 21, 1832 - Konya, Ottoman Empire

On This Day - 4 November

Disasters with highest death tolls-1042 Tabriz Earthquake
Friday Nov 4, 1042 - Abbasid Caliphate (now Iran)
Incandescent light bulb with a medium-sized E27 (Edison 27 millimeter) male screw base - image
Incandescent light bulb-Edison filed for a US Patent for an Electric Lamp using a Carbon Filament or Strip Coiled and connected to platina contact wires
Tuesday Nov 4, 1879 - New Jersey, U.S.
Nanjing Road during Xinhai Revolution
Xinhai Revolution-Guizhou Uprising
Saturday Nov 4, 1911 - Guizhou, China
Nanjing Road during Xinhai Revolution
Xinhai Revolution-Capturing The Jiangnan Workshop
Saturday Nov 4, 1911 - Shanghai, China
Nanjing Road during Xinhai Revolution
Xinhai Revolution-Zhejiang Uprising
Saturday Nov 4, 1911 - Zhejiang, China

November 1964

Johan Cruyff
Johan Cruyff-Debut
Sunday Nov 15, 1964 - Netherlands


Fidel Castro Image
Fidel Castro-Castro returned to Moscow
Jan, 1964 - Moscow, Russia
Magdi Yacoub
Magdi Yacoub-Senior Surgical Registrar
1964 - London, England
A Colombian marine on a field training exercise
Colombian conflict-The Attack on the Community of Marquetalia
1964 - Marquetalia, Caldas, Colombia
Cyprus flag
Cypriot intercommunal violence-Turkey had by now readied its fleet and its fighter jets appeared over Nicosia
1964 - Cyprus
Martin Bormann
Martin Bormann-The West German Government offered a reward for information leading to Bormann's Capture
1964 - West Germany