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Ho Chi Minh - The 1954 Geneva Accords

Time: Monday Apr 26, 1954

Place: Geneva, Switzerland

Details: The 1954 Geneva Accords concluded between France and the Việt Minh, allowing the latter's forces to regroup in the North whilst anti-Communist groups settled in the South.



Hurricane Katrina Image
Hurricane Katrina-Retirement of The Name Katrina
Thursday Apr 6, 2006 - Geneva, Switzerland
Angelina Jolie
Angelina Jolie-A Gold Pin
Oct, 2011 - Geneva, Switzerland
Christine Lagarde
Christine Lagarde-The Finance Minister of France
2010 - Geneva, Switzerland
Collage of Images From The Vietnam War
Vietnam War-The Geneva Conference
Friday May 7, 1954 - Geneva, Switzerland
Marie Curie
Marie Curie-The International Committee on Intellectual Cooperation
Aug, 1922 - Geneva, Switzerland

On This Day - 26 April

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April 1954

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Charles de Gaulle
Charles de Gaulle-Gaulle argued that France must have its own nuclear arsenal
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First Indochina War-Presenting The War as a Crusade against Communism
1954 - Vietnam
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Vietnam War-"Ngô Đình Diệm really did accomplish miracles" in South Vietnam
Jan, 1954 - South Vietnam
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Che Guevara-Karl Marx Theories
1954 - Guatemala
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Howard Hughes: The Aviator-Total control of RKO
1954 - U.S.
John Forbes Nash Image
John Forbes Nash Jr.: A Beautiful Mind-Nash arrested
1954 - Santa Monica, California, U.S.