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Vietnam War - The Battle of Ap Bac

Time: Wednesday Jan 2, 1963

Place: Ấp Bắc Hamlet, Định Tường Province (now Tiền Giang Province), South Vietnam

Details: The inept performance of the South Vietnamese army was exemplified by failed actions such as the Battle of Ap Bac on 2 January 1963, in which a small band of Viet Cong won a battle against a much larger and better-equipped South Vietnamese force, many of whose officers seemed reluctant even to engage in combat.



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On This Day - 2 January

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January 1963

The World Bank
World Bank-George David Woods served as President of the World Bank
Jan, 1963 - Washington D.C., U.S.
Charles de Gaulle
Charles de Gaulle-Germany and France signed a treaty of friendship
Jan, 1963 - Paris, France
Ruhollah Khomeini
Ruhollah Khomeini-Khomeini issued a strongly worded declaration denouncing the Shah and his plans
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IKEA-The First Store outside Sweden
1963 - Slependen, Norway
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Stephen Hawking-MND
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Hungarian flag with the 1949–1956 communist emblem cut out
Hungarian Revolution of 1956-Releasing most of The Political Prisoners From The 1956 Hungarian Revolution
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Martin Bormann
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