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Prince William and Duchess Kate of Cambridge visits Sweden 02 Image

Prince William, Duke of Cambridge (William Arthur Philip Louis born 21 June 1982) is a member of the...

Monday Jun 21, 1982 to Present
First Indochina War COLLAGE - image

The First Indochina War (generally known as the Indochina War in France, and as the Anti-French Resi...

Thursday Dec 19, 1946 to Tuesday Jul 20, 1954
Bart Millard

Bart Marshall Millard (born December 1, 1972) is an American singer and songwriter who is best known...

Friday Dec 1, 1972 to Present
Johann Sebastian Bach

Johann Sebastian Bach (31 March [O.S. 21 March] 1685 – 28 July 1750) was a German composer and music...

Saturday Mar 31, 1685 to Tuesday Jul 28, 1750
Uber logo

Uber Technologies, Inc., commonly known as Uber, is an American multinational ride-hailing company o...

Mar, 2009 to Present
The Second Boer War

The Second Boer War (11 October 1899 – 31 May 1902) was fought between the British Empire and two Bo...

Wednesday Oct 11, 1899 to Saturday May 31, 1902
Richard Jewell

Richard Allensworth Jewell (born December 17, 1962 – August 29, 2007) was an American security guard...

Monday Dec 17, 1962 to Wednesday Aug 29, 2007
Xiaomi logo Image

Xiaomi Corporation is a Chinese electronics company founded in April 2010 and headquartered in Beiji...

Tuesday Apr 6, 2010 to Present

The Hittites were an Anatolian people who played an important role in establishing first a kingdom i...

1750 BC to 1180s BC
Martin Luther King Image

Was an American Baptist minister and activist who became the most visible spokesperson and leader in...

Monday Nov 5, 1928 to Thursday Apr 4, 1968