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Ciro Immobile - Dortmund debut

Time: Wednesday Aug 13, 2014

Place: Germany

Details: On 13 August 2014, Immobile made his official debut for Dortmund as a striker in the starting line up for the 2014 DFL-Supercup against Bayern Munich. The match ended in Borussia lifting the cup by a score of 2–0.



Heinrich Himmler
Heinrich Himmler-Himmler's Orders
1941 - Germany
Joseph Goebbels
Joseph Goebbels-Goebbels offered his services to NSDAP district leader
1924 - Germany
Adolf Hitler
Adolf Hitler-A Four Year Plan to prepare Germany for war
Aug, 1936 - Germany
Heinrich Himmler
Heinrich Himmler-Deputy to the Reichstag
1930 - Germany
Heinrich Himmler
Heinrich Himmler-Release of Jewish Concentration Camp
Saturday Apr 21, 1945 - Germany

On This Day - 13 August

Disasters with highest death tolls-1868 Arica Earthquake
Thursday Aug 13, 1868 at 09:30:00 PM - Arica, Chile
Oliver Wright and Wilbur Wright Image
The Wright brothers-Best Kitty Hawk effort
Saturday Aug 13, 1904 - U.S.
Gustav Stresemann
Gustav Stresemann-Becoming Chancellor and Foreign Minister
Monday Aug 13, 1923 - Wiemar Republic (Present Day Germany)
Fidel Castro Image
Fidel Castro-Born
Friday Aug 13, 1926 - Birán, Cuba
FIFA logo
FIFA World Cup-No World Cup Due WWII
Thursday Aug 13, 1936 - Germany

13 August 2014

Logo entreprise OnePlus Image
OnePlus-Ladies First
Wednesday Aug 13, 2014 - Futian District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
Celine Dion
Celine Dion-Dion stopped her show business activities
Wednesday Aug 13, 2014 - canada

August 2014

HTC Image
HTC-Last windows phone
Aug, 2014 - Xindian, New Taipei, Taiwan
Garry Kasparov Image
Garry Kasparov-Kasparov lost the presidential election
Aug, 2014 - Switzerland
Logo for American sportswear company Nike Inc.
Nike, Inc.-Nike's Kit Supply Deal With Manchester United
Aug, 2014 - Manchester, England
Alan Turing
Alan Turing-The Queen Officially Pronounced Turing Pardoned
Aug, 2014 - London, England
The logo of Adidas with the three stripes - image
Adidas-Launching a New Fit Smart Wristband
Aug, 2014 - Herzogenaurach, Germany


Oculus-Samsung Partnership
2014 - Suwon-si, South Korea
BMW logo
BMW-BMW sold 415,200 vehicles in China
Jan, 2014 - China
Halimah Yacob
Halimah Yacob-The Singapore Women's Hall of Fame
2014 - Singapore
Symbian OS logo Image
Symbian OS-Symbian terminated
Wednesday Jan 1, 2014 - Espoo, Finland
Lula da Silva Image
Lula da Silva-Operation Car Wash
2014 - Brazil